Makemoney Knotwork: Horizon: Assets: GMCDEU

Here we provide a little bit of documentation about the asset GMCDEU that is implemented on the Horizon platform (as asset ID 9337852314245790880).

GMCDEU represents units of DEUterium stored by GMC Corp at its depots in the Inner Ring of Outer Galaxies.

The issuer account was created by the Gamemaster, creating an insanely huge number of the asset in order to hopefully ensure there will always be enough of it to represent GMC Corp's holdings of DEUterium located at the Inner Ring depots.

The gamemaster doles these units out to GMC in accordance with how much DEUterium GMC has stored at those depots.

Deuterium prices are listed online at

Currently the prices do not differentiate between GMCDEU and GRFDEU, since DEUterium itself is a fungible substance, however to actually take delivery at a planet of your choosing will require paying shipping costs since the delivery fleet itself is fueled by DEUterium so the process of delivery consumes deuterium varying with the distance and the type / efficiency of the delivery fleet.

From time to time an inventory of amounts stored at the depots will be shown here:

@GMC One Moon: 8,685,950,817; @GMC One: 3,407,652; @GMC Two: 3,531,443,743; @GMC Three: 3,468,467,224; @GMC Four: 1,960,154,392; @GMC Five: 1,852,348,662; @GMC Six: 497,782,291; @GMC Seven: 1,908,065,186 = Total 21,907,619,967