Makemoney Knotwork: Horizon: Assets: GRouPcorp

Here we provide a little bit of documentation about the asset GRouPcorp that is implemented on the Horizon platform (as asset ID 10245382461165869807).

GRouPcorp is the asset used to represent GRouPcorp shares on the Horizon platform.

The asset consists of one million shares.

The value of each share is conceived as one millionth of the sum total value of the Corp's holdings.

The issuing account issued one million of the asset but the original issuance was on the Digitalis Open Transactions server, thus those in the issuer's account on the Horizon network are just spare tokens; shares actually held via Horizon reside in other accounts.

General Financial Corp obtained 10000 shares of GRouPCorp thus the issuer account on the Horizon network activated 10000 of the asset by sending it to GMC, from whence it can spread.

GRouPcorp is one of the Corps reported on the page