Makemoney Knotwork: Horizon: Assets: HZGROW

Here we provide a little bit of documentation about the asset HZGROW that is implemented on the Horizon platform (as asset ID 16540254334984622964).

HZGROW is conceived as fund that deals largely with growth assets such as stake-based cryptocurrency.

The asset consists of one million shares.

The value of each share is conceived as one millionth of the sum total value of the Corp's holdings.

The Corp's holdings will be inventoried here periodically as an aid to estimating the Corp's value and thus the value of each share.

Someone sent HZGROW 1500 HZ to enable creation of the asset, so it was arbitrarily decided then and there that the initial price of the asset would be 150 HZ and thus that the donor would receive 10 HZGROW reward for providing that initial financing.

Horizon held: 497

Bitcoin held: 1.01754590, Yobit 3.07269585, Cryptopia 1.06902759 = Total 5.15926934

CNY held: BTER: 7091.979069

DeVCoin held: BTER: 164816641.269197

IXCoin held: 824299.52849520, Yobit 112395.08227480, 116280.62171572 = Total 1052975.23248572

I0Coin held: Cryptopia: 118023.56091615

Cubits3 held: Cryptopia: 311666.15509662, Wallet balance 3917707.88318900, Wallet stake: 1159.35188200

GoldPressedLatinum held: Cryptopia: 2080.70376067

DOTcoin held: Cryptopia: 2528.31561616

Litecoin held: Cryptopia: 0.04845435

AXIOM held: Yobit 372643.03775885

AXON held: Wallet balance 199568.70012441, Wallet stake 2013.34000000 = Total 201582.04012441

FairBriX held: Wallet balance 219123.00000000

TeneBriX held: Wallet balance 131415.00000000

FederationCredits held: Wallet balance 6650.00000000