Makemoney Knotwork: Stellar: NRD

Here we provide a little bit of documentation about the currency NRD that is implemented on the Stellar platform.

NRD is New Roman Denarius (NRD), one of the newer currencies of the Galactic Miliu, which like many others is a currency of 21,000,000 coins originally issued on the HORIZON platform (where is is known as HZNRD).

The issuing account, which is the account which you have to create a line of trust with in order to utilise any of these assets, is GBHAQ252S4Z4AQOM4BWIRC3UHAOJIKCZQBUJGD336YH2O7W2NKRXMHA5

Please do NOT send these assets directly back to the issuing account, as that destroys them (basically it un-issues any that are sent back to it). Instead we use an issued-to account to which we initially issue these assets and from which we disburse them. If for some reason you wish to return any of these assets to us you may return them to the issued-to account, GATCAX6Q2TGGGU4Y7NJOSJCQ3SXZUWBTLJOKHKOK7LXZODXDJQCWXGX6

The issued-to account helps us keep track of how many of each asset we have issued onto the Stellar platform, since the size of the trust line that it maintains with the issuing account is the number of units of the asset that we have issued on this platform. (We may well ve, and indeed for many or most assets will have, issued thse assets onto other platforms also, such as for example the Digitalis Open Transactions Server and the Horizon network.